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Top Quality Bags to Fulfill Your Needs

We Make It Easier to Order Reconditioned Industrial Bulk Tote Bags and Sacks

When it comes to used bulk bags, sometimes referred to as flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), you need to find a trustworthy supplier with dependable options priced cost-effectively. Our goal has always been to bring you the most reliable refurbished bulk bags for sale at a budget-conscious rate per bag. Browse our site to discover how simple it can be to stock up on used bulk bags for sale, constructed from the strongest woven plastic. Place an order today and have your refurbished bulk tote bag products delivered ASAP. 

Reconditioning for a reusable bag

One of our philosophies is customers should always be able to rely on the dependability of any used FIBC bulk bag they receive through our company. That’s why we make sure each of our reconditioned bulk bags for sale in the United States meets our high standards and surpass industry standards.

This includes ensuring the refurbished FIBCs and bulk bags are safe. All of the bags we sell previously held dry flow human or animal consumption products which ensures your bags are harm-free for products when reused. Additionally, the bags you’ll find at our website conform to quality, environmental and other industry standards set forth by various credentialing national and global bodies and organizations.

Simple to Load, Simple to Move

Our refurbished bulk tote bag products are each simple to load and just as convenient to move and unload. Because they are constructed from dependable woven plastics, you never have to worry about whether or not the bulk bags will work as hard as you. Before you order, our bulk bag refurbishment process is what removes all unwanted debris from the used FIBC bulk bags and ensures you get a product that is ready for your toughest jobs.

Buy Used Industrial Bulk Bags for a Variety of Needs

Used super FIBC sacks come in a range of sizes, shapes and forms. This enables you to pick and choose the ones you need most at the moment. Some of the types of used FIBC bags for sale are duffle, spout top, and open top without and with baffles. Each has been designed for a specific use.

If you are unsure about which bulk sacks for sale you require for upcoming projects and whether used or new would work better, just call us. Our customer service personnel would be happy to help you understand your choices and make a selection from our refurbished FIBC bulk bags.

Duffle Top Used Bulk Bags

A duffle top used bulk bag has a panel on top that can be opened to fill the bag. The duffle top is a panel the same width and depth of the rest of the bag. It is effectively a lid you can open or close as needed. The duffle top bag is versatile and works with a wide variety of machines for automated or manual fill. After filling, you can close the top to protect your goods when transporting or storing.

Spout Top Used Bulk Bags

We also offer spout top used bulk bags for sale. These bags have a cylindrical spout sewn onto the top that is narrower than the rest of the bag. These types of used bulk bags allow for very easy filling and discharge with a minimum of dusting or spillage, but your equipment must be calibrated to work with them. Therefore, you have less flexibility with regard to the number of different machines you can use for filling and discharging your used bulk bags.

Open Top Used Bulk Bags With or Without Baffles

Open top used bulk bags simply open at the top, so you can load them directly and dump them out easily for discharge. However, with open top bulk bags, you have no protection against dusting and spillage, and no way to protect your product during transportation or storage other than to cover the bags with some other covering.

If you decide open top used bulk bags are sufficient for your purposes, you may wish to purchase your open top used bulk bags with baffles. Baffles are internal panels sewn into the corners that support the walls of your open top bulk bag. Under normal circumstances, a bulk bag bellies when filled. The sides bulge with your product, changing the dimensions of the bag slightly, which may interfere with your calculations regarding how many bags you can transport or store. Baffles support the sides of your bag, forcing it to retain its original shape even when filled, which makes storage and transportation calculations more accurate.

If you are unsure about which bulk sacks for sale you require for upcoming projects and whether used or new would work better, just call us. Our customer service personnel would be happy to help you understand your choices and make a selection from our refurbished used bulk bags.

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Reduce Landfill Waste by Choosing Used Bulk Bags

One of the biggest concerns of municipalities around the country is mounting landfill waste. You can do your part to reduce the items that end up in landfills by purchasing refurbished bulk tote bags. It’s the environmentally friendly method of assuring you have the FIBC bags you need for your operations without adding to landfill clutter. Plus, when you buy reconditioned used sacks in bulk, you’ll save money. This allows you to spend wisely and feel good about supporting the areas where you live and work.

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