How to Choose a Used Bulk Bag Supplier
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What to Consider When Choosing a Used Bulk Bag Supplier

Flexible intermediate bulk container bags can be used repeatedly and repurposed for a wide range of tasks. They’re made to last for years, so used FIBC bulk bags are often a smart cost-saving measure for industrial organizations constantly moving, loading and unloading large supplies of products and materials.

Dry bulk solids such as foods and non-hazardous agricultural products commonly found in used bulk bags when the bag supplier properly cleans and tests the bags. Finding the right supplier for your used FIBC bulk bags makes all the difference, but it be can hard to know if you’re making the best choice.

Here are a few things to consider when you’re ready to buy used bulk bags for your operations. Keep these in mind when those lowest-price ads hit your search results, because they’re the lowest quality, too.

What Materials Are Best for Used Bulk Bags?

Woven polypropylene is the main material for used FIBC bulk bags because it can be shaped and formed to easily hold 2,000 to 4,000 pounds. Different materials are added in or substituted in different parts of the bags based on the type of material you want to carry.

Non-conductive materials — such as using uncoated polypropylene — are standard in bulk bags because of their strength and their support for non-flammable and non-combustible materials. However, these materials are not safe when your bags will be in the presence of flammable gasses or solvents.

Threads in your used bulk bags can also be replaced in small amounts with conductive threads to help keep them grounded and support a wider range of products. There are also antistatic materials and those that resist sparks.

Look for materials that are designed for your specific industry and application. For example, there are some bags specifically made for food-grade operations, and they will have specific production and recycling requirements to be compliant with governmental regulations.

What Type of Bags Can You Pick?

There are multiple types of used FIBC bulk bags you can choose from, and there’s a big focus on electrostatic control and resistance. All types of FIBCs are available as used bulk bags. Here’s a quick refresher on the different types of bulk bags that are generally available:

  • Type A: These bulk bags are made from standard non-conductive materials and offer almost no static electricity. They’re designed for non-flammable, non-combustible materials and typically work best for larger items. Type A should never be used in a situation where solvents or flammable gasses could come into contact with your bag.
  • Type B: These used FIBC bulk bags have a relatively low breakdown voltage and give minimal protection against static electricity. They can store most safe goods as well as flammable powders. However, a location with solvents or flammable gasses would not be appropriate for these bags.
  • Type C: This bag selection uses some small amount of conductive threads mixed within the bag’s composition and offer a stable bottom. This bottom must be connected and grounded when the bag is emptied or filled. This allows it to use flammable powders safely and is safe in areas where solvents and gasses may be present. Please note, you should never use a Type C bag that has been torn, damaged or otherwise compromised — it is unsafe, and you should contact your vendor for a replacement right away.
  • Type D: This type of used bulk bag is specifically designed to guard against discharges and sparks thanks to a combination of static-reducing and antistatic materials. The big benefit of these is that you don’t have to keep them on the ground during use. They can work with a wide variety of flammable environments, but they will lose their safety capabilities if they become covered in grease.
  • Food-Grade: You can also buy used FIBC bulk bags that are specifically made for food situations, such as your operations. Food-grade bags should always be matched to your application. Plus, you’ll want to match the proper bottom and tops for your bags so they can safely transport and deposit the foodstuffs in your operations. Consult your industry guidelines on whether a properly cleaned out bulk bag can be used for your specific product.

FIBC bulk bags come with many different materials and present a great savings when you select used options. They’re safe, effective and affordable.

What Quality Can You Expect?

When you hear “used,” do you automatically picture torn, frayed bags that will spill your goods across every floor?

Well, it’s time to get rid of that mental picture and replace it with a shiny like-new bag that comes with a discounted rate on its sticker. Our bulk bag reclamation and processing service looks at every used bag and inspects them for reliability and cleanliness.

Each used FIBC bulk bag is checked to make sure it is structurally sound, and we also verify all of the discharge spouts,  loops, tops and bottoms. We run a complete bag diagnostic to ensure our bags are safe and reliable, specifically matched to your operational requirements.

Choose a provider who gives you the same quality as a new bag. Small suppliers will try to compete on price but often run into inventory problems, while cheaper suppliers won’t give you a detailed inspection, so you may not have safe operating conditions.

How Much Does Customer Service Matter?

What happens when you order a bulk bag? Do you enjoy the process, know when it will arrive and feel satisfied when the order is complete?

Used FIBC bulk bags are a great way to save on your cost, but that doesn’t mean you should drop customer service requirements. Your operations depend specifically on these bags, so you want a partner who works with your business and responds to your needs.

Work with a large provider that has your bags in stock when you need them and is available when you need them. Delays, cancellations and improper order fulfillment can hurt your bottom line. Keep your revenue safe and secure by choosing used bulk bags and working with a provider that always has time for your needs.

Bulk Bag Reclamation is here to deliver high-quality lined and unlined used bulk bags to you starting today. Find out how we’ll help you today.