35x41x80 Bulk Bag | Spout Top


Additional Information:

Description: Reconditioned Bulk Bag

Item #3580SS

Size: 35”x41”x80”

Style: U-Panel

Baffles: No

Body Fabric: 6oz coated

Inlet: Spout with tie

Outlet: Spout with tie & bottom closure

Lifting Loops: (4) 10”

Safe Working Load: 2,500lbs with 5:1 SF

Document Pouch: Yes

Print: N/A

Current Inventory: 1,800pcs

Palletized: 200pcs

Current Inventory: 1,800pcs 

Unit Price: $6.50

Looking for used bulk bags with large cubic capacity? Our 35x41x80 spout top super bulk sack provides users the space they need when filling with less than average bulk density products. Useful in a number of applications, spout-top bags are useful for storing, stacking and transporting up to 2500 lbs. of items.

A used 35x41x80 FIBC spout top bag is often thrown away despite retaining its strength and durability. Our units will arrive at your door in like-new condition following a thorough inspection and professional-grade cleaning. You don’t have to worry about contamination, and we’re dedicated to helping our customers make a positive impact on the planet.

Your purchase is a worthy investment in which you can benefit from several times over. Not only do you save by forgoing brand new storage materials, but you also improve your company brand by making environmental matters a priority. Taking measures to make your business more sustainable gives profits a boost.

Excited for savings? Want to help the world? Get started today with a used 35x41x80 spout top bag order from Bulk Bag Reclamation. Dial (515) 444-7243 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for help with your order.

  • Bulk Bag 35x41x80
  • 35x41x80 Bulk Bag
  • Bulk Bag 35x41x80
  • 35x41x80 Bulk Bag