38x38x65 Bulk Bag | Spout Top


Additional Information:

Description: Reconditioned Bulk Bag

Item #3865SS

Size: 38”x38”x65”

Style: Circular

Baffles: No

Body Fabric: 6oz uncoated

Inlet: Spout with tie

Outlet: Spout with tie & bottom closure

Lifting Loops: (4) 10”

Safe Working Load: 3,000lbs with 5:1 SF

Document Pouch: Yes

Print: N/A

Current Inventory: 600pcs

Palletized: 200pcs

Current Inventory: 2,000pcs

Unit Price: $6.50

These circular bags offer the ultra-convenience of spout tops. The spout tops secure to equipment for easy filling. A secondary spout on the bottom makes emptying your items a breeze. This size is one of our larger options, giving you the ability to store, stack and transport up to 3000 lbs. per bulk bag. Best yet? Each bulk bag is reconditioned, meaning you save money on your purchase price and help the environment.

A spout top 38x38x65 bulk bag is capable of holding many items. Home and business owners alike may find them a worthy investment. With four secure holding loops, it’s easier to store them off the floor. You can also stack them side-by-side to create a clean and organized storage area.

Each of our reliable FIBC reconditioned bulk bags arrives at our facility as a used 38x38x65 spout top bag. We thoroughly clean and inspect each unit to ensure it has retained its durability and looks good as new. Once approved, we pack the bags as securely as possible using as few materials as we can. At Bulk Bag Reclamation, we’re serious about limiting our impact on the Earth.

Join us in our commitment to smart and safe business practices. Call (515) 444-7243 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., M – F. Start your used 38x38x65 FIBC spout top bag order today.

  • Bulk Bag 38x38x65
  • 38x38x65 Bulk Bag
  • Bulk Bag 38x38x65
  • 38x38x65 Bulk Bag