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Reconditioned FIBC Baffle Bags

Bulk Bag Reclamation buys and sells used baffle and non-baffle bulk bags for a wide variety of applications. We strictly control reconditioning procedures to assure safe reuse, while at the same time lowering your packaging costs and doing our part to preserve the environment. Our used baffle and non-baffle bags are bulk bags that provide minimal bulge, even during packing and storing. Review our huge inventory of reconditioned bafflesuper sacks and find out why Bulk Bag Reclamation is one of the most trusted used bulk bag suppliers in the FIBC industry.

Used FIBC Bulk Bags at Bulk Bag Reclamation

Bulk containers are a low-cost packaging solution for a wide array of applications, but our reconditioned FIBC baffle bags save you even more money. We clean and inspect every used FIBC bulk bag for defects and discharge problems, and then we fold and package them into bales prior to shipment. Buy used bafflesuper sacks with Bulk Bag Reclamation, and you can rest assured our reconditioned FIBCs will be of the highest possible quality. Our baffle sacks, designed with sturdy interior panels that stay strong and square when filled, won’t bulge or tip. They’re the perfect cost effective solution when you need to stack and store goods.

If you’re concerned about storage and inventory, Bulk Bag Reclamation can help. Our stock and release program will warehouse your baffle bag order and send it to you at your request. We can also manage your baffle bag inventory for you. If you’re not sure what kind of bulk container you need, call our support team. We can explain the differences between standard and baffle FIBCs, and we can help you choose the model that’s right for your business.

What’s the Difference Between Standard and Baffle Bags?

Standard FIBCs are suitable for a wide range of applications but have limitations depending on the need. When filling a standard bulk bag, you may notice that it becomes pear-shaped as the pressure of the contents forces the bottom of the sides outward. It can also cause leaning. This can make stacking, storing and shipping difficult — and sometimes messy as well. If you need an FIBC that retains its shape and strength and can store goods securely, a baffle bag may be right for you.

A baffle bag features sewn-in, internal panels that help the bag retain its square shape when filled. Baffle bags eliminate the problems associated with bulging and leaning. Because they are more stable when filled, that makes them better for certain applications, such as stacking, storing and shipping. 

Where to Find Used Baffle FIBC Bags

Bulk Bag Reclamation sells used bafflesuper sacks and reconditioned tote bulk bags of all kinds, and we are ready to answer your questions. Call us between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday.

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