Used Bulk Bags For Sale

Bulk Bag Reclamation repurposes and sells used flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) Bags for a range of applications. Our inventory includes high-quality used FIBC baffle bags as well as used bulk bags with a spout top, duffle top and open top. We systematically clean and recondition each bulk container and then release it to you when you’re ready. View our huge inventory and order duffle top, spout top, open top and baffle bags from a United States supplier that’s centrally located for faster delivery.

What Type of Bulk Bag Do You Need?

Our product inventory includes:

  • Used FIBC Baffle Bags: Strong and designed with interior panels that stay square when filled, our reconditioned baffle bags are perfect for stacking and packing, staying solid and free of bulges. Available in duffle and spout top designs.
  • Used Duffle Top Bulk Bags: Fill with the flexibility of a reconditioned duffle top bulk bag, allowing users to fully open and close the top inlet.
  • Used Spout Top Bulk Bags: Fill and discharge your reconditioned spout top bulk bag faster and with less mess.
  • Used Open Top Bulk Bags: When manual filling is necessary, our reconditioned open top bulk bags are perfect for builders and contractors.
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Our Used Bulk Bag Applications

Used bulk bags can be repurposed and used in various applications, such as storing or transporting materials. Popular ways you can take advantage of our used bulk bags include:

  • Storage: Packing reclaimed bulk bags to store your products or materials is easy. The bags’ plastic material makes protecting your things simple because the bags are water-resistant and can block debris from entering if you close their tops. Store clothes, bags, fabrics or any other kinds of materials or things you don’t currently need.
  • Transportation: The durability and water-resistant qualities of used bulk bags also make them ideal for transportation. Many bags have a weight capacity of several thousand pounds, so you can consolidate materials or stock and have fewer bags to transport.
  • Raised garden containers: Besides storage and transportation, people also use used FIBCs by turning them into raised garden beds. The sturdy structure and depth of the bags make them great containers for planting vegetables or flowers.
  • Compost bags: You could also turn used FIBC bags into compost bags. The bags’ sturdiness makes them ideal for those who want to start compost piles because they can hold the soil, sticks and old compost without causing a mess.
  • Recycling organizers: Used bulk bags are excellent ways to sort recyclable materials. They are large enough to put many recyclables in one bag and then easily transport them when recycling them. Use multiple bags to separate the plastics, metals and papers. You could also use the bags for waste management.

Diverse industries take advantage of used bulk bags for their needs. Popular fields include agriculture, construction, mining, chemical and animal nutrition. Each sector may use the bags to store and transport their stock, goods or materials. For instance, agriculture companies may use spout top bulk bags to transfer peanuts or coffee beans, while open top bulk bags are more suitable for carrying construction materials and supplies.

While you can utilize used bulk bags for multiple applications, they are not food-grade certified. You cannot use the bags to handle food. Bulk Bag Reclamation inspects bags and cleans them to meet minimal residue standards, which makes them safe to use in agriculture but not for food-grade certified materials. When considering used bulk bags for food-related storage or transportation, ensure you know the ones you are getting are food-grade safe.

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