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If you own a construction operation, you know how important it is to find flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) that you and your workers can depend upon. We only offer the most dependable woven plastic construction bulk bags for your toughest jobs. Buy the used construction FIBC bulk bags you need to get the work done right the first time.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Quality With Bulk Bag Construction Options

One of the concerns many companies have when ordering used construction FIBC bulk bags is how to ensure the items they choose are going to perform up to industry standards. Each of the refurbished construction bags you can buy in bulk from us is processed using the highest criteria and safety measures.

This means you will never have to worry about getting a construction bulk bag that you cannot trust or depend upon. It’s one more way we can bring you peace of mind.


Advantages of Buying Used FIBC Bulk Bags in Construction

The benefits of buying construction bulk bags that have been reconditioned include:

  • Safety: When you have to load, haul and unload bulk bags filled with stone, gravel, debris, soil and other construction materials, it’s important to know the sack will not break during the process. Our used construction bulk bags woven from durable plastics are incredibly strong, protecting both the items you are carrying and your workers.
  • Ease of transport: Filling an FIBC bag is only half the battle. The other is being able to transport a full FIBC bulk bag from one location to another without mishaps. We make sure that all the refurbished bulk bags that you see at our website have been tested for strength during movement. Fill them to appropriate levels, and let the strong plastic fibers keep your load in place.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Saving money is always an advantage in any business but especially in the construction industry, where margins can be tight. Rather than purchasing new bulk bags and then discarding them at the end of their life cycle, why not invest in reliable used construction bulk bags instead? It just makes sense financially.
  • Efficiency: Having the right tools for the job is essential to perform at your highest ability and efficiency. Properly used construction bulk bags will ratchet up your effectiveness by giving you what you need when you need it. Make every element of your most complex jobs go smoother.
  • Environmental protection: Are you worried about the growing clutter in municipal landfills across the United States? You can stop adding more waste to those landfills by making a commitment to use only reconditioned bulk FIBC sacks for your construction business. This keeps the communities you serve cleaner and healthier without forcing you to reduce quality or performance.

Applications for Construction Bulk Bags

Applications for construction bulk bags

FIBCs are useful in a few different construction activities:

  • Hauling building materials: Bulk bags easily haul building materials like lumber, stone, cement, asphalt and metal components. You can store and transport these materials in the same bags, and the construction super sacks fit snugly onto pallets, trucks and shelves for easy management.
  • Moving and storing sand and gravel: FIBCs are also useful if you’re working with finer materials like sand and gravel. Their secure construction and optional top closures mean they won’t leak or spill even when transporting large quantities.
  • Cleanup: After finishing a construction project, you may have heaps of debris to haul away. FIBCs offer the strength and flexibility you need for quick, efficient cleanup.
  • Eco-friendly business practices: If your construction business has committed to boosting consumer confidence and satisfaction by reducing environmental impact, used bulk bags can be a crucial part of your green initiatives. Buying used bulk bags helps keep polypropylene plastics out of our landfills and reduces the fossil fuel consumption associated with the production of new FIBCs.

What Types of Bulk Bags Are Useful for the Construction Industry?

Different projects might use various types of construction bulk bags, depending on their requirements:

  • Open top: Open top bags are easy to use because they have wide, accessible tops that make loading convenient. If you’re loading bulky construction items like lumber or stone, you won’t have to squeeze them through a tiny opening. Merely pack them into the bags and send them on their way — bulky materials can stick out the top, if necessary. Open top bags are also great options if you’re transporting landscaping plants that need to breathe freely.
  • Spout top: Spout top bags are useful if you’re working with construction materials that are easy to load but difficult to contain. You can pour sand or gravel, for instance, through the spout and know it will all arrive securely in the bag.
  • Duffle top: Duffle top bags are useful in construction when you require a higher level of security and control for your transported products. These construction super sacks have a skirt-shaped closing that allows you to hold materials in place for secure transit.
  • Baffled: In many cases, baffled bags are the best option for heavy-duty construction applications. They contain reinforced panels, or baffles, so that they can retain their shape and provide security and support for massive construction items. Though these bags typically have less capacity than FIBCs without baffles, they offer valuable peace of mind. The sturdiness of bulk bag baffle construction lets these FIBCs move heavy, cumbersome items without breaking and spilling.

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