Open Top Bulk Bag

Order Reliable, Reconditioned Open Top Bulk Bags

Knowing where to find the most dependable used open top bulk bags is essential if you’re trying to save money as a business leader. You can buy our refurbished flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) open top bulk tote bags that are second to none in terms of durability. We make our bags from strong woven plastic that only held products for animal or human consumption. You can feel good about choosing us as your bulk bag partner.

Place your order to buy used open top bulk bags from the United States today. Have questions along the way? Just contact our customer service personnel for fast, knowledgeable answers.

Ventilated Open Top Bulk Bags

Does your product need more ventilation in bulk bags to better breathe? Our open top ventilated tote bags provide maximum breathability allowing your goods to be stored in the proper packaging.

Our ventilated reconditioned tote bags possess ventilated strips or mesh fabric that promotes superior air flow. The open top feature allows for easy access during the filling process of your bags. This design is ideal for transporting potatoes, onions or any other product that needs to breathe.

Save Money and Reduce Your Operations Costs With Used Open Top FIBCs

Open top used bulk bags are a great way to reduce the overall cost of your operation without sacrificing quality. Rather than purchasing high-priced new bulk bags, you can get reconditioned open top totes that are just as sturdy. It’s the smart way to get the toughness you can depend on without having to worry about paying too much. Plus, our used FIBC tote or bulk bags with open tops can be delivered conveniently right to your business.

Keep the Landfills Cleaner — Purchase Refurbished Bulk Bags

Our communities’ landfills are getting fuller and fuller. In order to do your part to protect the environment, it’s time to invest in refurbished bulk open top tote bags. That way, tote bags that can be re-used aren’t wasted or placed into the land, where it will take hundreds of years for them to decompose. Be a good steward of our natural resources while saving money too.

Clean, Safe Used Open Top Bulk Bags from a Trustworthy Company

We want you to have the highest peace of mind when it comes to getting clean, safe used open top bulk bags. Our company has a passion for bringing you exactly what you need, and not offering anything you don’t want. Each bag has been inspected and cleaned to eliminate security and cross-contamination concerns. We know your customers depend on you to get the job done right, and that’s why we have established a company where you can always depend on us.

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