Bulk Bag Lifting Guidelines

You may have a strong grasp of how to load and unload your FIBCs — but what about lifting them? Are there any bulk bags lifting guidelines as to the safest and most efficient way to pick up FIBCs? Bulk Bag Reclamation has some useful FIBC handling guidelines for you to keep in mind.

How to Lift Bulk Bags

Generally, your bulk bags should come equipped with loops at the top that you can use for lifting purposes. These loops are designed to make the bulk bags easily accessible by a forklift or in some cases, crane. However, it’s important to keep in mind that when these bags are full, they can weigh 1 ton or more, so it’s important to know how to lift them correctly.

First, make sure the bag itself is undamaged. Bulk Bag Reclamation’s used FIBCs are of high quality and should resist day-to-day wear, but they can be damaged if they are mishandled or subjected to extreme hazards for an extended period of time.

Then, make sure you have the right forklift for the job. Your equipment must have a rated weight capacity sufficient to support the bag’s full weight, and the forklift tines need to be free of sharp edges that could cut the loops or the bag.

When you’re ready to lift, make sure all lift loops are vertical. Be sure the distance between the forklift tines is appropriate for the bag loops. All personnel working with the bag should be wearing the appropriate safety gear and be clear before you lift or lower the bag.

Make sure the equipment has come to a complete stop. Insert the tines or hooks into the bag carefully, obeying any special manufacturer or supplier instructions. Raise the bag steadily and smoothly. Once the bag is on the lift, keep it close to the mast and as low as possible, tilting it to the proper angle. Be sure you have a clear line of sight before using the forklift or crane to move the bag. Lower and remove the bag when necessary in a similarly smooth and safe manner.

Other Bulk Bag Lifting Safety Tips

A few other tips to keep in mind when lifting, lowering or moving tilt bags include:

  • Do not lift the bag without using all (4) loops.
  • Do not go under a bag when it is suspended in the air or even allow a part of your body under the bag.
  • Do not try to move the bag without lifting it.
  • Never raise or lower a bag while the forklift holding it is in motion.

Bulk Bag Reclamation Are Your Recycled Bulk Bags Experts

It’s always important to exercise proper safety precautions when lifting full bulk bags, but it all starts with the right bag. You’ll find all the bags you need at Bulk Bag Reclamation. These recycled bags are tough, sturdy bags designed for storage and transportation with high load capacities for all your loose goods. Because they are recycled, you’ll save money and reduce waste while enjoying their benefits. To learn more or for a free estimate on FIBCs, contact Bulk Bag Reclamation today.