Duffle Top vs. Spout Top vs. Open Bag

If you’re using FIBC bags for your product, you need to decide which type of bag is the best choice. One of the most important features of your bulk bag is how you will get your product into and out of the bag. There are a number of ways to fill your bag, with various types of equipment designed specifically for this purpose. You want to choose a bag that fits well with your preferred or required methods for filling and discharging your bags.

What should the top of your bag look like? You have three main choices: an open bag bulk bag, a duffle top bulk bag or a spout top bulk bag. The open bag bulk bag, which is simply a bag with a hole in the top, is not recommended for most situations. These types of bags don’t tend to go well with most equipment designed to fill and load bulk bags, and offer little protection against dust or spillage when filling or discharging the bag. These can be serious problems, so unless your business involves filling your bag with product that cannot spill or generate dust, you probably will not find the open bag bulk bag that useful.

This leaves the duffle top bulk bag and the spout top bulk bag. Which one should you choose?

Each type of bag has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should base most of your decision on your equipment and how you fill your bags. Here is some useful data about both types of bags to help make the right choice for you.

What Is a Duffle Top Bulk Bag?

A duffle top bulk bag is a bulk bag that features a thin, lightweight panel on top. This panel is the same width and depth as the four sides of the bag. It is essentially a bag with a lid. If you need more flexibility when it comes to using, filling and emptying your bags, you may wish to opt for the duffle top bulk bag, as this larger opening gives you more options.

Unlike an open bag, you can close the duffle top after filling the bag to protect your goods and make it easier for you to transport the bags without spilling any of your product.

What Is a Spout Top Bulk Bag?

A spout top bulk bag looks a little different from the duffle top. In this FIBC, the manufacturer has sewn a spout to the top panel of the bag. Unlike the uniform look of the duffle top bulk bag, the spout top bulk bag features a spout that is cylindrical and not as wide or deep as the rest of the bag.

There are certain machines that are designed specifically for filling and discharging spout top bulk bags, and the smaller opening of the spout means fewer dust issues and less product spillage during filling and discharging. When in transport or storage, the spout can be tied off to keep the product in.

What Type of Bulk Bag Should You Choose?

So, which type of bulk bag will you choose for your operation, spout top or duffle top? If you only use one or two machines to fill and discharge your bag and those machines are calibrated for spout top bags, the spout bag will be the better option due to its dust-reducing and spill-protection properties.

However, if your business requires you to fill or discharge bags from multiple machines, the spout bag may not fit them all. Therefore, for ease and consistency, you may be better off using the duffle top bag, so you can be sure all your product can be filled or discharged with whatever equipment you need to use.

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