How Do I Safely Transport a Bulk Bag by Forklift?

If you use FIBCs in your business, you probably have occasion to transport them from place to place. One of the great advantages of bulk bags is how easily they allow you to move your goods. But what is the best way to safely transport bulk bags with a forklift truck? Here’s what you need to know.

What Kind of Forklift Truck Should I Be Using for a Bulk Bag?

The forklift truck you use to transport your FIBCs should have a rated capacity high enough to support the bulk bag when filled. The tines should have no sharp edges or protrusions, a radius of at least 5mm and rounded edges of at least the thickness of the lift loops of the FIBC.

What Kind of Bulk Bags Should I Be Using?

You should use an FIBC that conforms to industry standards, with no possibility of damage that could compromise the integrity of the bag. Be sure to follow any manufacturer’s recommendations or information provided on the label of your FIBC for use.

What Is the Procedure for Lifting and Transporting a Bulk Bag With a Forklift Truck?

The first step is to make sure the distance between the forklift tines fits the width of the FIBC. From there, follow these simple procedures:

  • Be sure all employees are clear of the area before you begin lifting.
  • Stop the forklift before raising the bag.
  • Hold the FIBC close to the mast, as low as possible, keeping the mast tilted at a proper angle.
  • Make sure lift loops are vertical to avoid lateral forces that could damage the bag.
  • Smoothly lift the bag clear of the floor, making sure it’s not touching the wheels of the forklift.
  • Before moving the bag, make sure you have a clear line of sight free of personnel to your travel location.

What Are Some Safety Hazards to Avoid When Moving a Bulk Bag With a Truck?

Do not:

  • Use devices that are not designed for use with FIBCs.
  • Perform any sudden starts or stops while transporting the bag.
  • Tilt the mast of the truck forward while the FIBC is in transit.
  • Let the FIBC come in contact with any part of the truck other than the tines.
  • Lift an FIBC with fewer than the provided number of lift loops or sleeves.
  • Move the FIBC with the truck while the bag is touching the ground.
  • Raise or lower the FIBC while the truck is moving.
  • Allow personnel to go under or place an appendage under a suspended FIBC.

With the proper safety precautions, FIBCs can provide a safe and reliable way to transport your goods. You can order your sustainable bulk bags from Bulk Bag Reclamation right now by filling out a simple form online.