Polypropylene Manufacturing Plants Close Across the Globe, Prices Soar for FIBC

With China being the leading producer of polypropylene (PP) and most FIBCs being sourced from overseas manufacturers, U.S. PP distributors are largely dependent on international suppliers.

Due to massive polypropylene manufacturing plant shutdowns across the globe, FIBC bag prices have …

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How to Ship Bulk Cargo With FIBC Bags

During your business operations, you may often need to ship bulk cargo like sand, gravel, seeds, grains or coffee beans. One excellent method is to use flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs). These dependable bulk bags make loading and transporting bulk …

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How to Pick the Right FIBC Bulk Bags for Your Business 

When you’re looking for FIBC bulk bags for sale, you need a way to ensure you get the right ones for your business. Each type of flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) has advantages for different applications, especially in industries like …

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