Polypropylene Manufacturing Plants Close Across the Globe, Prices Soar for FIBC

With China being the leading producer of polypropylene (PP) and most FIBCs being sourced from overseas manufacturers, U.S. PP distributors are largely dependent on international suppliers.

Due to massive polypropylene manufacturing plant shutdowns across the globe, FIBC bag prices have surged. If you work in the agriculture or construction industries, it’s more important than ever to find a trusted supplier with a significant in-stock inventory.

U.S. Storms Cause Polypropylene Manufacturing Plants to Close

The polar storm that pervaded the U.S. Gulf Coast on February 14, 2021, dramatically disrupted petrochemical supplies by bringing unheard-of prolonged freezing temperatures to many parts of Texas. As of February 23, approximately 75% of total U.S. ethylene capacity remained offline.

Following the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, which reduced the demand for transport fuels worldwide and led to oil refineries cutting production or ceasing it completely, U.S. polar storms have further limited polypropylene supply by forcing manufacturing plant closures.

Shortage of Raw Materials Cause FIBC Prices to Soar

U.S. polypropylene manufacturing plant closures have led to price spikes in PP and the flexible packaging sector, with polypropylene inventories roughly half of what they were a year ago.

With polypropylene production capacity so prevalent on the Gulf Coast, even temporarily constrained production capabilities will significantly affect an already tight supply market.

Solution: Recycled FIBC Bags

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), known to maximize storage space, reduce shipping costs, improve flow control and eliminate spillage, are made with virgin polypropylene fibers. As such, FIBC bags are now more difficult and expensive to buy new.

What’s the solution? Purchase reused or reconditioned FIBC bags — also known as super sacks, bulk bags or builders bags — instead. Reconditioned bulk bags are environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternatives to other large containers because of their ability to be used multiple times and recycled. The durability, strength and reliability of FIBC bags make them an eco-friendly choice for carrying a wide range of materials, from powder and sand to aggregates, pellets and plastic granules.

Recycling used flexible intermediate bulk containers is an excellent way to run a more environmentally friendly operation by minimizing your carbon footprint. An alternative to using multiple sacks, a single bulk bag can replace a pallet of sacks, reducing material usage and overall cost.

Benefits of Opting for Recycled FIBC Bags

In many industries, the ability to transport materials in a cost-effective, efficient way is paramount. FIBC bags do just that. Other advantages to opting for recycled FIBCs are:

  • They can be customized: You can customize your bag’s fabric, length, diameter, height and spout construction.
  • They save space: FIBCs can be easily stored and moved when not in use. Polypropylene bulk bags have a low ratio of packaging to product weight when filled.
  • They are easy to handle: FIBCs typically have handles or straps so that equipment handlers can lift them with ease.
  • They are strong and lightweight: Bulk bags generally weigh between five and seven pounds. They are known to hold between 2,000 and 4,400 pounds of bulk materials, making them incredibly strong despite their low weight.

Choose Bulk Bag Reclamation As Your Reconditioned FIBC Bag Supplier

Bulk Bag Reclamation offers the best in recycled bulk bags in the marketplace today. Our bags are repurposed and free of all moisture and hazardous materials. We strictly control reconditioning procedures to lower your packaging costs while assuring safe reuse. Our management team combines over two decades of FIBC industry experience, refurbishing woven polypropylene bags to the highest quality standards.

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