How to Properly Pack Hemp and Legal Marijuana Products in FIBC Bulk Bags

How to Properly Pack Hemp and Legal Marijuana Products in FIBC Bulk Bags

The hemp and legal marijuana industries are growing rapidly, creating jobs and opportunities. With this rapid growth, new entrepreneurs, processors and growers are rushing to join the industries. Of course, this growth also introduces new challenges associated with the storage, transportation, packing and handling of hemp and marijuana. One of the most pressing needs is for effective packaging and shipping in bulk, which can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

As a legal marijuana or hemp product distributor, you need to keep your product fresh and ready for distribution. It’s crucial to pack the product properly for transportation to avoid damaging the products. Fortunately, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) can help with this.

For efficient and safe transportation of legal marijuana and hemp, use FIBC bulk bags. The raw product is delicate, so it is essential to have a reliable packaging and shipping method. Follow this guide to see how to properly use bulk bags for the marijuana and hemp industry. 

What Types of Bulk Bags Should You Use? 

If you are thinking about buying an FIBC, you need to find the right bulk bag for your product and business. Essentially, there are two types of FIBCs you may want to consider when browsing hemp bulk bags — secure and breathable:

  • Secure bags: Typically, this type of bag has several features that increase protection of the bag’s contents. Secure bags can have a coated outer layer that prevents air intrusion, have an interior liner or be treated to be sealed and completely closed.
  • Breathable bags: Also known as simple bulk bags, grain sacks or feed bags, breathable bags are basic in nature and affordable. 

At Bulk Bag Reclamation, we offer duffle top bulk bags, spout top bulk bags, open top bulk bags and baffled bulk bags. The right type of bulk bag for your business depends on your product and needs.

Duffle Top Bulk Bags

The used duffle top bulk bag, also known as the skirt top tote bag, is useful in several industries. Since it can be expensive to frequently order new bags, consider the more cost-effective option of refurbished FIBC duffle top bulk bags. The refurbishment does not impact the efficiency or durability of your business operations.

Though these bags all have a similar basic design, there are some modifications that affect whether one will be better for your business than another. Some bags have baffles that allow the bag to better keep its original size after you fill it, which can also give you the ability to stack the bags and save valuable floor space. On the other hand, a bag without baffles won’t restrict the contents, so this type of bag may be better for bulkier materials.

Spout Top Bulk Bags

Many businesses choose reconditioned spout top bulk bags. These bags are made from durable woven plastic, have been tested for the highest performance and are a great way to save money. With used spout top bulk bags, you’ll enjoy dependability, cleanliness, safety, savings and environmental friendliness, ideal for the hemp industry especially.

Despite being used, refurbished spout top bulk bags are as durable and satisfactory as new bags. 

Open Top Bulk Bags

Reconditioned open top bulk bags are reliable and essential for any business leader looking to save money on FIBC bulk bags. In terms of durability, these bags are second to none. They are made from strong woven plastic that previously held only products for human or animal consumption, making them suitable for agricultural product use. 

If your product needs additional ventilation, select open top ventilated bulk bags for maximum breathability. These bags include mesh fabric or ventilated strips that promote superior airflow. With used open top FIBCs, you can lower the total cost of your operation while maintaining quality.

Baffled Bulk Bags

Reconditioned baffle bags can be used for various applications, including hemp and legal marijuana. Reconditioning procedures are often strictly controlled to assure safe reuse, preserve the environment and lower your packaging costs. Used baffle bags offer minimal bulge, even during storing and packing. These bags are made with durable interior panels that remain square and strong when filled, so they will not tip or bulge in your warehouse or during transportation. 

Best Practices for Marijuana and Hemp Storage Solutions

Best Practices for Marijuana and Hemp Storage Solutions 

With bulk bags for marijuana storage in mind, there are a few best practices to follow for marijuana and hemp storage solutions:

1. Invest in Proper Storage

Proper storage techniques prevent your product from being damaged or spoiled. A properly sealed hemp bulk bag could retain more CBD oil than the standard storage solution and can allow you to wait until your product is highly desirable before you sell.

For proper storage, hemp should be dried to a minimal moisture level — typically less than 10% — to avoid damage to the product from mold and mildew. If you keep your product dry, you’ll preserve your stock and your profits. If used correctly, bulks bags can be reused, further saving you money. You can store bulk bags indoors or outdoors, though storing your product outside is usually risky, depending on the elements and climate. 

With FIBC bulk bags, there is no guarantee your bags will perform at the optimal level if you store them outdoors. However, if you still choose to store the bags outside, cover your bags with material that can keep them protected from UV rays. Keeping UV rays away from the bags ensures the material maintains its integrity. Covering the bags also shields them from various weather conditions.

2. Plan for Hemp Packaging

When you are ordering bulk bag packaging for your business, it is best to plan ahead. Doing so will allow you to take advantage of all your packaging options. If you plan on doing custom branding on your packaging, you will need to order well in advance. Planning ahead will allow you and your bulk bag supplier to establish a solution that meets your company’s packaging needs. 

3. Select Attractive Packaging 

To sell more products, you may want to choose attractive packaging that will appeal to other businesses. An attractive package with a clever design can help with brand identity, sales and marketing. When your business has the right strategy, the bulk packaging you choose can be an active asset and a sustainable solution. 

4. Obtain Post-Harvest Technology

For your business to be successful, you need the proper post-harvest technology. Many often overestimate the potential profits for selling hemp, and these potential profits are only attainable if you have the right tools. You can set your business up for success by implementing proper packaging to keep your hemp biomass from spoiling while you are waiting for processing.

Though it can be an expensive option for smaller farmers, forming a cooperative to invest in shared assets may give even the smallest operations access to the latest, cutting-edge technology.

5. Choose the Right Bulk Bag for Your Business

Not every bulk bag functions the same way, and you may need a specialized bag if there are delays between the harvesting, drying and extraction steps of your product. With a standard packaging product, you may not be able to store your marijuana or hemp long-term. A standard bag won’t be able to stop your hemp from spoiling, so choosing the right bulk bag for your product is essential.

6. Have Resources and People Available for Packaging and Processing

For the packaging and processing procedures, you will want to have resources and people readily available to handle the tasks. It’s easy to lose a crop because the product degraded during the processing or drying stages. Without enough processors and extractors, you should think ahead about these procedures. You will need to do some forward-thinking to get in line for processing at the ideal time for your marijuana or hemp crop.

Advantages of FIBC Bulk Bags for Hemp Growers

Advantages of FIBC Bulk Bags for Hemp Growers

There are several advantages of FIBC bags for marijuana and hemp storage and shipment:

  • Flexibility: A reconditioned duffle top bulk bag is flexible, making it easy for you to fully close and open the top inlet.
  • Resistance to UV rays: Polypropylene is resistant to UV rays and meets standards set forth by FDA for safe contact with food and drug products. UV resistance helps maintain the bag material’s integrity if it’s exposed to the sun.
  • Strong interior panels: FIBC baffle bulk bags contain strong interior panels that remain square, even when filled.
  • Faster and cleaner solution: Reconditioned spout top bulk bags are faster and easier to fill and discharge, leaving you with less mess to clean up. That can also prevent losing hemp or marijuana during filling and emptying processes.
  • Enhanced packing and stacking abilities: FIBC baffle bulk bags are great for packing and stacking, which means your bags can remain solid and bulge-free. This advantage is available in spout and duffle top designs. Accurately measure how many bags you can store and transport without worrying about excess room for bulging. With that benefit, you can maximize your warehouse space.

Bulk Bag Reclamation’s FIBC Bags for Cannabis

At Bulk Bag Reclamation, we recondition used bulk bags and offer various options for buying bags.

Our Reconditioning Process

Reconditioned bulk bags are a safe and cost-effective way to store and transport cannabis products. Reconditioned bulk bags are also eco-friendly and can continue to be cleaned and reused. 

When we obtain a bulk container, we systematically recondition and clean it. After this process is complete, we can release the container to your operations when you are ready to receive it. Since we refurbish and sell multi-use FIBC bags, you can reduce your packaging costs. 

We understand that many businesses struggle with little storage space. Our program for stock and release can manage your bulk bag inventory or replenish them when needed. This can help streamline the process of cannabis product distribution in the hemp biomass industry.

Our Options for Buying Bags

Our Options for Buying Bags

At Bulk Bag Reclamation, we repurpose and sell several different types of used FIBCs that can have various uses. Included in our inventory are high-quality reconditioned FIBC baffle bags and bulk bags with a duffle top, open top and spout top. 

Previously, some of our bags were available only for agricultural use. Along with hemp and marijuana, some of our used bulk bags are useful for storing grain, potato, seed and feed. Our totes are reconditioned, cleaned and inspected before shipment, and they are perfect for your product if you are concerned about safety and quality. 

Our bags are sturdy and reliable, along with being compact and lightweight when stored and folded. You can use the bulk bags we offer for safe transport and shipping needs, regardless of your product. 

If you are unsure which type of bulk bag or container may be the right choice for your business, reach out to us at Bulk Bag Reclamation to discuss your business needs. We’ll help you determine what packaging may be best to meet your needs, regardless of whether you are looking for transit, stacking or storing solutions.

Request a Quote for Hemp Biomass Bags

Request a Quote for Hemp Biomass Bags

Reconditioned bulk bags can help streamline hemp or marijuana distribution processes and reduce costs. Bulk Bag Reclamation reconditions and sells used FIBC containers and bulk bags for marijuana storage and transportation. With more than two decades of combined experience in this industry, our management team is familiar with the process of refurbishing FIBC bags to meet ideal standards of quality. 

We are located in America’s heartland, and our centralized location allows us to ship our products to you quickly and conveniently when you’re ready to place your order. We can offer you the following services:

  • Repair: At Bulk Bag Reclamation, we repair minor tears and holes and replace tying strings and bottom ropes, along with fixing other common concerns. Keep your bags in an ideal condition for your hemp and marijuana storing and transportation needs.
  • Recycling: We recycle FIBCs that cannot be used again, helping you keep your operations eco-friendly.
  • Reconditioning: If you have bulk bags you want to recycle, you can send them to Bulk Bag Reclamation. Once we receive them, we will make sure they are cleaned thoroughly to quickly meet the minimum standards for residue. 

If you want to check out our bulk bags before you buy, we can send you up to two free samples. All you have to pay is shipping. Make sure our bags are exactly what you’re looking for before you make your buying decision.

We are ready to be your supplier of dry bulk product and hemp storage bags. Request a quote from us at Bulk Bag Reclamation or reach out to us with your questions about our reclaimed hemp biomass storage bags today.