FIBC Bulk Bag Reclamation Services

Bulk Bag Reclamation provides a wide range of FIBC bulk bag reclamation services, including buying, reconditioning and selling. We recondition our reusable bulk bags to meet strict industry compliance standards, ensuring your bulk packaging can be safely reused for agriculture and industrial use. With 25 years of experience in FIBC reclamation, our support team systematically reconditions bulk bags and inspects them thoroughly for defects and integrity. Reuse your FIBC bulk bags, save money and help preserve the environment with Bulk Bag Reclamation.

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What Is FIBC Reclamation?

Why spend money on new FIBC bulk bags when you could recondition your one-time use flexible containers instead? Our FIBC bulk bag reclamation program allows you to reuse or repurpose your existing inventory of used flexible containers. Our quality assurance program strictly monitors the thorough cleaning and inspection of each bag before release. Your reconditioned bulk bag will have minimum residue and secure discharge openings. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including agricultural. Cut your bulk bag expenses dramatically with our bulk bag FIBC reclamation services, and operate a more eco-friendly business at the same time.

Bulk Bag Reclamation is located in America’s heartland and is able to quickly refurbish and ship FIBCs. We can also store your used bulk bag order and release it when you request it. Prefer inventory management? Bulk Bag Reclamation can handle that, too. Whatever your choice, Bulk Bag Reclamation reconditions FIBC bulk tote bags promptly, thoroughly and conveniently. Just fold your used FIBC bulk bags and stuff them into another bulk bag for easy transport. No pallets necessary!

FIBCs we accept for reconditioning include:

  • Baffle Bags. Reuse your favorite sturdy baffle bags for storage, stacking and transport, and save money with Bulk Bag Reclamation.
  • Duffle Top Bulk Bags. Reduce spillage but retain easy access with a used duffle top bag that makes loading and emptying fast and mess-free.
  • Spout Top Bulk Bags. Make loading and unloading faster and cleaner with used spout top bulk bags.
  • Open Top Bulk Bags. Open top bulk bags make manual filling easier. Used open top bulk bags, however, make manual filling easier and more affordable.

Reconditioning Services

Worried that your used bulk bags aren’t in perfect condition? Bulk Bag Reclamation can repair and refurbish your inventory of bulk bags to make them suitable for a wide variety of uses. We can repair small holes, replace bottom ropes, tie strings and inspect and repair or replace pouches, ties, rope locks and tops or bottoms. We’ll vacuum and inspect each bag one last time before we fold and compact it for shipment.

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