Which FIBC Is Best for Construction?

Flexible intermediate bulk containers are durable bags many industries use to transport materials to and from sites. However, companies often waste money throwing away bags after only one use. Industries like construction, which rely on FIBCs, can see significant savings and benefits from investing in used FIBCs.

Used FIBC Bulk Bags for the Construction Industry

Buying used FIBC bulk bags offers construction companies many advantages. Used bulk bags are more cost-effective than new ones. When you buy new bags, your manufacturers will work design, manufacturing and testing costs into their price. On the other hand, refurbishing partners will only need to clean and quality-test some bags to ensure they’re ready for circulation again, resulting in fewer costs for construction companies to cover.

In addition to their cost efficiency, used bags offer construction companies a chance to decrease their environmental impact. Reusing bulk bags allows you to keep functional bags out of landfills and create a more circular lifespan for them. Since reconditioning partners like Bulk Bag Reclamation will ensure the bags’ quality, you can expect consistent durability from your bags while reducing your carbon footprint.

How to Choose the Right Bulk Bag for Your Construction Operation

Choosing suitable construction bags for your site can be challenging. However, understanding the different types of used bulk bags available and how you can apply them to your jobs is a good place to start.

Construction Bags

Construction companies have many options to choose from when considering which used FIBC bulk bags can benefit them at job sites. Here are some types of used bulk bags your construction teams can incorporate into their projects.

  • Open-top bags: If your construction teams need easy-to-access bags that offer increased airflow, open-top bulk bags can benefit them. Your employees can use these versatile bags to fit bulky or irregular items that need more flexible storage options or space to hang out of the top, like wood or stone. If you are landscaping, you can also use open-top bags to transport any plants or other materials that need the ventilation this bag type offers.
  • Duffle-top bags: When you want more security in transit and on sites than open tops can offer, consider a duffle-top bulk bag. Duffle tops have a skirted top you can use to secure your bags while moving, so you can ensure nothing falls out. When you arrive and are ready to use materials, you can efficiently open the bags and access their contents, making them excellent for all kinds of construction jobs and materials.
  • Spout-top bags: The spout-top bulk bag provides a solution for finer materials that are challenging to distribute, like sand, gravel and dirt. While the spout top makes it easy to connect to machines for filling and preparation processes, you can also use it to pour materials on-site when you need better quantity control.
  • Baffled bags: Baffled bulk bags are ideal for construction sites and materials because of the added strength they provide. These construction bags include panels on the sides to support heavier items, like concrete. Further, these bags are excellent at maintaining their shape, helping you optimize storage and transportation efforts. You can also add baffles to the other bag types for additional strength and form.

Choosing the Right Bag for Your Jobs

After you understand the types of contractor construction bags available to you, you will need to assess where you need better storage and transportation in your processes. Identifying where you can make processes more efficient can help you decide where to apply used bulk bags.

After determining these opportunities, think about how you can integrate bulk bags into your construction operations and which bags you should use, depending on your needs and goals.

Shipping Construction Materials

In general, FIBC bulk bags are already an excellent option for construction teams looking to cut costs. Using these bags to carry materials to and from construction sites can help reduce transportation space. FIBC bags can easily stack and sit in your preferred transportation mode, like the backs of trucks. They can withstand travel without secondary support, saving you money on expensive accessories.

Because they are stackable, you can put more of your materials into one truckload for better efficiency. Unlike boxes or other bags, FIBC bulk bags adapt to fit your product’s shape. Paired with cheaper transportation and purchasing costs, used FIBC bags can create high-quality storage methods for your construction teams while cutting many expenses from your budget.

Bulk Bags for Construction Site Cleanup

You can rely on used bulk bags for cheaper and more efficient shipping and transportation, but you can also apply FIBCs to your cleanup operations. Thanks to bulk bags’ durability and versatility, you can use them to carry and transport all kinds of debris away from your sites.

FIBC bags are sturdy and can carry heavy weights and oversized objects. A standard 35-by-35-inch bulk bag can move around 25 cubic feet of materials. Depending on the type of bag you use, you can carry about 2,500 pounds of debris.

When you use bulk bags at your job site, you can more efficiently clear debris away to get everything ready for your client’s approval. Further, if you have any leftover materials, you can use your bulk bags to safely store them for use on your next project. Bulk bags are an excellent way to integrate bulk storage habits into your construction operations.

Invest in Used FIBC Bags From Bulk Bag Reclamation

Buying suitable FIBC bulk bags for your construction team can help you make your shipping and transportation operations more efficient at your work sites, allowing you to get started sooner and provide outstanding service for your clients. When you invest in used FIBC bags, your construction company can have a better environmental impact while cutting higher costs.

At Bulk Bag Reclamation, our used bags undergo a rigorous cleaning and testing process so we can ensure that you receive only the highest-quality products. We want to help companies create more circular lifecycles for supplies by keeping bags out of landfills and offering reusable bag services for many industries, including construction. Contact Bulk Bag Reclamation today to discover how we can help your company save money and our planet.