Duffle Top Bulk Bag

Used Duffle Top Tote Bulk Bags for Businesses

The duffle or skirt top tote bag is tremendously useful in many industries. However, it can be costly to continuously order new bags that have never been used before. A more cost-effective option that doesn’t affect the durability or efficiency of your operations is to order refurbished flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) duffle top bulk bags.

Buy your tote duffle top bulk bags in the United States from us today by placing your order online. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Our knowledgeable customer service personnel are ready to help you make the best selection for your needs.

Different Styles of Used Duffle Top Bulk Bags

While all duffle top bulk bags have the same basic design, there are a couple of modifications that change which ones will be perfect for your company’s jobs. For instance, one type of duffle top bulk bag FIBC may have baffles that better keeps its original size when filled. This also allows you to stack the bulk bags saving valuable floor space in your operations.

Another kind of duffle top FIBC bulk bag is constructed without baffles allowing you more cubic capacity with the size. Bags without baffles will not restrict the contents going inside which is ideal for customer filling bags with bulkier materials. No matter what kind of duffle top bags you are looking for, we would be pleased to be your trusted supplier of choice.

Quality and Convenience Are Hallmarks of Our Refurbished Bulk Bags

All the refurbished bulk bags we offer, including our FIBC duffle top tote bags in bulk, adhere to our high standards of quality. We know customers like you depend upon the reliability and strength of each bulk bag to make your work more effective, safe and budget-friendly. This is why we only offer duffle top bags that previously held items for human or animal consumption.

Additionally, we stand by each bulk bag we send out. Our goal is for all items to meet or exceed industry standards in terms of cleanliness, construction and durability. If you have been disappointed by the used bulk bags you have gotten from other suppliers, it’s time to try us.

Save Money With Refurbished Duffle Top Tote Bags

Money is a limited commodity, and your business needs to keep as many dollars in the bank as you can. One way to stay within even the tightest budgets is to order reconditioned duffle top tote bags rather than purchasing new bags. When properly refurbished, used bulk duffle top bags (with/without baffles) are just as long-lasting as their new counterparts. Put more dollars in your pocket by getting used duffle top bulk bags.

Transport Your Materials in Bulk Tote Bags With Duffle Tops

All FIBC used bulk bags with duffle tops for sale at our site are made for ease of transport. We’ve ensured that they contain the strongest woven plastics to make movement from one location to another a “no surprises” experience. You and your workers depend on duffle top bags to get the job done. Let us be a part of your successful projects.

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