Quality Assurance at Bulk Bag Reclamation

At Bulk Bag Reclamation, our team has 25 years of combined experience buying, reconditioning and selling high-quality used bulk bags. Our huge inventory of inspected used FIBC bulk bags includes baffle and non-baffle bags, duffle, open and spout top bags. Strict reconditioning procedures assure our one-time quality used bulk tote bags offer your business a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to save money on packaging. 

Buy High-Quality Used FIBC Bulk Bags From Bulk Bag Reclamation

Bulk Bag Reclamation cleans and inspects every reconditioned bulk bag for defects and cleanliness prior to shipment. Your bulk bag will be cleaned to minimal residue standards. We will also secure discharge spouts, and fold and compact the bags into bales to save on shipping expenses and storage space. If storage space is at premium, ask us about stock and release. We will warehouse your order and send it to you when you request it. Alternatively, we can also manage your inventory and send reconditioned bulk bags to you automatically.

Our inventory of high-quality used bulk bags includes:

  • Reconditioned FIBC Baffle Bags. Used baffle bags stay strong and square, even when filled with fine materials such as flour or pharmaceuticals. Perfect for stacking, storing and shipping, baffle bags are bulge-free and come in duffle or spout tops.
  • Reconditioned Duffle Top Bulk Bags. Ask us about our used FIBC bulk bags with duffle top. Minimize spillage and offers users the flexibility with its large diameter opening.
  • Reconditioned Spout Top Bulk Bags. Make filling and discharging faster and cleaner with our used spout top bulk bags.
  • Reconditioned Open Top Bulk Bags. Ideal for construction applications, our reconditioned open top FIBCs make manual filling easier. They are available in bottom-discharge models.

Bulk Bag Diagnostics

If you aren’t sure what kind of flexible bulk container to buy, or you’re not sure that reconditioned FIBCs are suitable for your application, call Bulk Bag Reclamation. Our experienced support team can help you decide the FIBC that meets your needs. Our reconditioned bulk bags, inspected thoroughly for quality and integrity, are perfect for many agricultural applications. Reconditioned FIBCs can also reduce your storage and shipping costs. 

Order High-Quality Lined and Unlined Bulk Bags Today

Bulk Bag Reclamation is located in the central United States and can ship your reconditioned bulk bags to your location quickly. For more information about used tote bags or to place an order, call us between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday.

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