Potato Bulk Bags

Our reconditioned bulk bags for potatoes and onions have all the special features you need at the best available prices. They’re tough enough to provide the durability and support required for mass storage of bulky items while allowing for ample ventilation. Reduce your chances of sprouting and spoilage while keeping your costs in check. Take advantage of our affordable reclaimed bag products for storing all your perishables.

Bag of Potatoes

Tote bags for the potato industry are often used once and then thrown away. Not only does this create a big expense for your business, but it presents a big price tag for the environment too. At Bulk Bag Reclamation, we attempt to solve both problems by providing you with high-quality refurbished bulk bags at bargain prices. You have the benefit of using clean, sturdy, long-lasting materials for all your storage while preventing another business’s used bags from taking up space in landfills.

A potato bulk bag must be made with agricultural concerns worked into the design. You’ll see right away our bags are different from similarly priced competitors. All of our bags can securely hold your potatoes, onions and other perishables without splitting or tipping. Both problems leave your produce at risk of contamination. Our bags reliably protect your stock during storage and transportation.

Keep Products Fresh and Clean with Potato FIBCs

Ripping and tipping are not your only concerns. Our bulk bags for potatoes include ventilation features. These special design elements reduce heat and keep condensation from ruining your stock. By encouraging proper airflow of your perishables, you prevent potato sprouting and spoiling. This is key to getting the most from your investment, whether you’re using your resources in your own recipes or simply reselling in smaller batches.

You’ll have no worries using our reclaimed potato totes at the market or in your marketplace. The right potato bulk bags will keep your storage area, work space and shop clean and appealing while your potatoes, onions and other stock will stay clean and dry. Our bulk bags for potatoes and other items are reclaimed products — however, they look just like new. Every unit we sell is clean and retains its structural integrity.

While each of our bags is good as new, you still enjoy the benefits of purchasing refurbished bulk bags for storing food stock. Tap into the savings that come from a circular economy when you purchase reclaimed, recyclable bulk bags for potato industry use. Your brand’s reputation will improve as you reap the benefits of green business practices.

Bulk Bag Reclamation goes the extra mile to ensure your bulk bag purchase is as economical and as ecologically friendly as possible. Our business is conveniently located in America’s Heartland for quick and easy shipments to customers all across the U.S. We utilize minimalist packing and shipping methods as well, so you know your investment will go as far in supporting your goals as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our bulk bags for potato industry use. Contact us online or call (515) 444-7243.

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