Capacity: 3,000lbs

Dimensions: 36”x36”x60” (Length x Width x Height)

Inventory Available: 1,200

Additional Information:

Description: Reconditioned Bulk Bag

Item #3660SS

Size: 36”x36”x60”

Style: Circular

Baffles: No

Body Fabric: 6.5oz coated

Inlet: Spout with tie

Outlet: Spout with tie & bottom closure

Lifting Loops: (4) 10”

Safe Working Load: 3,000lbs with 5:1 SF

Document Pouch: Yes

Print: N/A

Palletized: 250pcs

Sample: Receive up to 2 free samples (excluding shipping costs)

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pallet

Unit Price: $6.50

With so many flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) on the market, it’s tough to know which is best for your business purchase. Our sales team is available to help with your purchase. We can educate you on the benefits of each style. For instance, the 36x36x60 bulk bag in a spout top style is perfect for any operation that will use a filling station to load materials storage sacks. With a spout top sewn into the top cover of your sacks, filling your bags is easier and less messy.

Order Your Used 36x36x60 Bulk Bag Today

We carry several sizes of spout top receptacles, but the used 36x36x60 FIBC spout top bag holds up to 3000 lbs. A handy bottom closure allows for fast and easy removal of your stored goods. Safely transport, store and stack your products in a way that keeps your storage facility well maintained. Ask our sales team about all of our used bags and totes for a comprehensive solution for managing your products.

As reconditioned products, our bags and totes have been returned to the clean, durable state of brand new bags. Save money and waste when purchasing our products, and build a better brand. Contact Bulk Bag Reclamation at (515) 444-7243.

  • Bulk Bag 36x36x60
  • 36x36x60 Bulk Bag
  • Bulk Bag 36x36x60
  • 36x36x60 Bulk Bag