Capacity: 2,205lbs with 5:1 SF

Dimensions: 39”x47”x74” (Length x Width x Height)

Additional Information:

Description: Reconditioned Bulk Bag

Item #3974SSB

Style: 4-Panel

Baffles: Yes

Body Fabric: 6oz coated

Inlet: Spout with tie

Outlet: Spout with tie

Lifting Loops: (4) 10”

Safe Working Load: 2,205lbs with 5:1 SF

Document Pouch: Yes

Print: Yes

Palletized: 200pcs

Current Inventory: 2,000pcs 

Sample: Receive up to 2 free samples (excluding shipping costs)

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pallet


Our largest baffled bulk bag securely stores items and looks beautiful doing it. You can use reconditioned bags and totes for many purposes. They’ll keep your items safe and your storage space tidy. Before investing in a costly, complicated organization system, consider how these large, reinforced super bulk sacks can meet your needs. Baffled bags are not your typical recycled sacks. They have four reinforced panels capable of preserving their original shape during use. Many storage sacks bow or topple when filled to capacity. Our baffled 39x47x47 bulk bag is specially designed to prevent bulging or tipping.

The Purpose of Reconditioning

At Bulk Bag Reclamation, we aim to make a difference. By reconditioning a used 39x47x74 baffled bulk bag, we cut waste and energy required to make new units. We can also reduce the cost for budget-conscious home and business owners. The process is simple, and results in clean, durable totes capable of protecting, storing and hauling your goods.

Order Your Used 39x47x74 Bulk Bag Today

We have the used 39x47x74 bulk bag you’re searching for, and we’ll deliver it using as little packaging as possible. From the first step of your purchase to the last, we aim to be efficient. Our sales team can help you identify the very best storage solution for your situation. Get in touch with Bulk Bag Reclamation today at (515) 444-7243.

  • Bulk Bag 39x47x74
  • 39x47x74 Bulk Bag
  • Bulk Bag 39x47x74
  • 39x47x74 Bulk Bag