How FIBCs Can Help the Hemp and Legal Marijuana Industries

How FIBCs Can Help the Hemp and Legal Marijuana Industries

As more states legalize marijuana for recreational and medical uses, the market is continuing to grow at a fast rate. Alongside the increase in legal marijuana, the federal legalization of hemp for various products and applications has also added to the increasing market size for hemp. Due to all this growth, growers need bags designed to store and ship legal marijuana and hemp. Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) are some of the top bulk bags you can use to safely store these products.

Find out more about how FIBCs can assist the growing hemp and marijuana industry. Discover the benefits of FIBCs and why you might want to turn to reconditioned bulk bags.

A Growing Industry

In recent years, the medical and legal marijuana industries have continued to grow due to states legalizing marijuana. As of 2021, 19 states have legalized recreational marijuana, and 37 states have legalized medical marijuana. Since more states have made it legal and activists continue to push for its legalization in remaining states, demand for marijuana and other hemp-derived products is only going to continue to rise.

Alongside more states legalizing marijuana, the 2018 Farm Bill made it so hemp is no longer classified as marijuana. When hemp growers want to meet the requirements of this law, their hemp must have no more than 0.3% of the psychoactive compound delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on a dry weight basis. By federally legalizing hemp, the market for hemp is growing, as well. Since hemp can be used for a wide variety of products, such as CBD oil, supplements, textiles and fabrics, more companies are focusing on producing high-quality hemp.

As the demand for legal and medicinal marijuana and hemp rises, the growers and retail stores producing and selling these products need efficient ways to store and ship products in bulk. Customers and public authorities also expect these products to be stored in a hygienic way. These demands have led to a higher need for bulk bags for marijuana growers.

Some of the most popular bulk bags for the hemp and marijuana industries are FIBCs. When used as hemp storage bags, FIBCs excel at hygienically storing hemp and marijuana. They’re also incredibly durable, making them perfect for storing and transporting dried hemp.

Benefits of FIBCs

FIBCs come with many benefits that make them an excellent option for the bulk storage and transportation of hemp and marijuana products. Some of the top benefits include lower costs, greater protection and easier compliance with various industry standards. Review some of the top advantages of FIBCs below: 

  • Lower costs: FIBCs usually come at low costs, making it easy for you to quickly purchase the number of bags you need to keep up with demand. As your company scales, the affordability of FIBCs gives you the chance to invest in additional bags without putting financial strain on your company.
  • Improved storage and shipping space: Due to hemp biomass bags’ flexibility and size, you can maximize your storage and shipping space. Compared to more rigid container options, FIBCs can typically fit more hemp. Since FIBCs come in multiple designs, you can also find the perfect type of bag that will meet your unique storage and shipping requirements, letting you get the most efficient storage capacity.
  • Greater protection: Dried hemp has to be protected from excess UV light and humidity. FIBCs shield hemp from UV light while also providing exceptional breathability to prevent extra humidity from accumulating. Due to this protection, you can trust FIBCs to maintain your hemp and marijuana’s quality while it’s in storage or being shipped.
  • Increased strength: Many FIBCs can safely handle thousands of pounds of marijuana and hemp in a single bag. This increased strength lets you store lots of hemp and marijuana in safe containers, helping you increase your storage capabilities. These bags’ durability also means you can use them repeatedly before you need to purchase replacements.
  • Easier compliance with standards: Since marijuana and hemp are agricultural products, hygienic FIBCs are critical to growers and retailers. Since many FIBCs can be easily cleaned, they help reduce contamination and keep products safe.

With all of the benefits of hemp biomass storage bags, you might be interested in using them at your company. Since FIBCs are commonly used in the agricultural industry and come in different designs, you might not know the right type to select. 

Consider duffle top bulk bags, as their duffle top allows you to fully close and open the top inlet, helping you keep contaminants out of your product.

Consider duffle top bulk bags, as their duffle top allows you to fully close and open the top inlet, helping you keep contaminants out of your product. Since these bulk bags are incredibly flexible, you can store a lot of hemp inside them. You could also use spout top bulk bags, as their tops make filling and emptying them easy and fast. Since you can empty them through the spout, you can reduce the mess the unloading process typically creates.

Reconditioned Bulk Bags

At Bulk Bag Reclamation, we ensure our customers receive environmentally friendly and cost-effective bulk bags by using reconditioned FIBCs. With our quality assurance standards, we only sell used bags that previously held dry flow human or animal consumption products. By selling these kinds of bags, we ensure our bulk bags for marijuana growers are harm-free and meet minimum residue, quality, environmental and other industry standards.

With more consumers and companies wanting to support products made with environmentally friendly methods, our refurbished and reused bulk bags are an exceptional choice. Since our bulk bags are reused, you can lower your company’s environmental footprint, helping improve your company’s reputation.

You can also trust that our hemp super sacks and storage bags are of the highest quality. Before we ship any bags to you, we’ll clean and inspect them to ensure you receive a defect-free bag. Alongside checking them for defects, we also clean them to minimal residue standards, meaning you can expect them to store your hemp and marijuana hygienically.

Choose Bulk Bag Reclamation for Your Hemp Biomass Storage Bag Needs

At Bulk Bag Reclamation, we know how important FIBCs are to the growing marijuana and hemp industries. As a result, we sell low-cost and hygienic reclaimed bulk bags perfect for the needs of growers and retailers. Since we use reclaimed hemp bags, our products are environmentally friendly. Our hemp biomass bags also help our clients increase their efficiency by ensuring you can fit more hemp inside them than other storage methods.

Review our selection of bulk bags today. If you have any questions or want information on pricing, please feel free to contact us or request a free quote.

Choose Bulk Bag Reclamation for Your Hemp Biomass Storage Bag Needs